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 Dear Friends,

When I envisioned writing our 2020 spring appeal a few months ago, I never imagined that I would be writing it from my dining room table during a global pandemic. COVID-19 shuttered The Telling Room, our community, and the world.

But while we pressed pause on our regularly scheduled programs, we quickly realized the truth in the old adage: necessity is the mother of invention. Over the days and weeks that followed,  we used the crisis as an opportunity to think creatively, to broaden our impact, and to meet our students and community wherever they aredigitally, virtually. 

We moved our school-based and afterschool programs online and created new programming that allows us to reach kids throughout Maine, from York to Caribou and everywhere in between. In the spirit of trying something new, we thought we'd share some of what we've been up to and invite you to explore (a little or a lot!) all the ways we're reaching and writing with young people now...

This presentation includes audio and video elements that are best viewed on a laptop or desktop. You can find links to the multimedia at the bottom of this page.

So yes. We're still driven by our mission to empower youth through writing and share their voices with the world. And these last few weeks, we've been so inspired by all the young people we get to work withno matter where they sit within the pandemic, they are telling us: We will keep writing through this time.

But to make it all work?

We need YOU

We often say what an honor and joy it is to share the stories and poems of young peoplehow important it is to amplify youth voices. That is perhaps more true than ever nowbut it is clearer than ever, too, that it's our young writers who are lifting us up and through this time. Together, with your help and support, we will make sure they can keep writing, sharing, and connectingwith The Telling Room, with each other, and with a world that needs their voices more than ever before.

If you are able, please help us meet our $20,000 goal. Your donation will be matched dollar-for-dollar now through the month of Juneevery gift will go twice as far so we can continue to reach young writers this spring, summer, and beyond. 

When you support The Telling Room, you become part of an audience that listens to young people. And our youth need to be heard because they are powerful change-makers, helping to meet the many challenges and solve the many practical and social problems that the COVID-19 era is elevating. Writing and sharing allows us to bear witnessand gives us courage to actin these, and all, times. With your help, we'll make sure the words continue to flow.
Be safe and well,

Celine Kuhn
Executive Director


 Every gift we receive will help us keep our programs free for kids and their families. Your donation ensures that our students' voices will have a significant impact on our communitynow and in years to come. Thank you. 


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