a literary revolution by and for Maine teens

*MAGAZINE SUBMISSIONS ARE NOW CLOSED!* Look for the first issue of WE GEN Z to hit the magazine racks in the spring, 2019.

Maine’s newest magazine, WE GEN Z, is looking for writing and art by Maine teens, ages 12-18. Our theme is VOICES (see below in FAQs for a description of what we mean!), and we want to publish what you have to say—in words and images that are deep, silly, bold, outrageous, or outraged.

Submit typed writing to melissa@tellingroom.org. Send hi-res jpgs of art to jenny@tellingroom.org and/or use #TRlitmag and share your Instagram photos. You must include your full name, age, city/town, and your writing/art title (if you have one) in your email. Submit by Thursday, November 8, 2018. Here’s what we’re looking to publish:

1. Opinion. What matters to you? We want to read your thoughts on topics including social justice, current events, and diversity. Whether impassioned or humorous, your writing should emphasize your own voice. (200-500 words)

2. Fiction. We are looking for fictional stories with bizarre, spooky, or funny characters. (200-500 words)

3. Poetry. Express yourself in poetic form, including spoken word, rap lyrics, villanelles, and more. (3-20 lines)

4. Reviews. Share your rants and raves about music, movies, books, TV shows, apps and technology, and anything else. (75-250 words)

5. Visuals. Submit artwork if it fits our theme of VOICES (see below). This could be collages, drawings, comics, photographs, or anything else printable.

What is your "VOICES" theme about?
What is unusual about how you see the world? What is your unique spin on the world or a small corner of it? Who are you addressing, and what are you trying to convince your audience to feel or do? Follow your voice (or your narrator’s) wherever it takes you and don’t forget about it until you put away your pen or brush.

Who are we?
We work at The Telling Room in Portland, Maine. Our mission is to empower youth voices and share them with the world. Our group of teenagers and artists in The Telling Room’s Publishing Workshop meet weekly to publish youth writing. We have published 140 books of youth writing and support youth publishing in all of its forms. 

How much can you submit?
You may submit a maximum of 5 pieces of writing or artwork that you are proud of and believe deserves to be published.

What happens after you submit?
After you submit, wait for 3-6 weeks to hear from us. We will write back to you if your writing or artwork is a great fit for the magazine, so please submit with a personal email address. School email addresses may not let us contact you.

When will WE GEN Z be published?
Our teen-led editorial board will be working with your submissions this winter, and the magazine will be printed and distributed in the spring of 2019. We will also publish excerpts from it online.