Workshop Schedule

Character Building

Dates and time: 1/24 and 1/31, 9:30-1:30 (students should pack a lunch and dress for outside adventures)
Location: The Telling Room
Ages: 10-16

If you made a character, who would it be? Would he dream only of pineapples and spend his life trying to figure out why? Would she hold her head high and walk slow when it rained? Maybe your character wanders the woods alone at night so that she can get the chills on command. Maybe he asks the bluejays outside for relationship advice. This two-week workshop is all about that! We will spend time breathing life into our own character and build a short story around them. We recommend this workshop for fantasy writers and all other writers of fiction.

Workshop closed!


Rhythm and Rhyme

Dates: 1/24, 1/31, 2/7, 2/28, 3/7, 3/14, 3/21 and 4/4, 10am-12pm | performance TBA
Location: 317 Main St (Yarmouth) and The Telling Room
Ages: 12-18

After a successful pilot last year, we are pleased to open up this amazing collaboration to all students this year! Join Telling Room writer Tina Smith and 317 Main musician John McCain in this wonderful exploration of writing and music. Telling Room writers will be paired with 317 Main musicians to create original pieces. This is a great workshop for students looking to stretch their creativity!

Workshop closed!


Audio Valentines

Dates and time: 2/7, 9:30-12
Location: The Telling Room
Ages: 6-18 (and parents are invited to work with younger students!)

Do you have a box of letters from family members, old friends, or other important people in your life? Do you go through this box to reminisce about the joy these relationships have brought you? Imagine if, instead of letters, you had a box of audio recordings. The human voice is powerful, and its sound brings us closer to the people in our lives than the written word alone. In this workshop for all ages, students will have a chance to write a Valentine's letter to someone important to them - a best friend, a parent, a teacher, or anyone they choose - and then learn how to record it and preserve it so it can be presented to the intended recipient as a unique Valentine they can keep forever.

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February Break Fiction Camp

Dates: 2/16-2/20, 9:30am-3:30pm
Location: The Telling Room
Ages: 10-15
Cost: $300 (scholarships available)

In this week-long fiction workshop, we'll leave the real world behind and create new landscapes, following in the footsteps of great novelists, fantasy and sci-fi writers, and graphic artists. We'll map new places, invent new characters to inhabit them, and craft sweeping stories about their history. We'll use the city of Portland and its diverse population as inspiration, and we'll even use illustration to inspire our work. Bring an open mind, a bagged lunch and comfortable shoes for exploring the city. This camp will be led by TR staff and teaching artists including Nick Schuller, Andrew Griswold, Sara Anne Donnelly, Kathryn Williams, and Katy Kelleher.

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