Workshop Schedule

The Writes of Spring: The Great Unlocking

May 12th and 19th
Ages 13-18

Some poet once told me that spring is the season of "the great unlocking". What the heck does that mean? In this two part workshop, we'll be looking at all the ways that the natural world can express that elemental quality of great writing: change. Outside, we'll look for evidence of unlocking, transition, flux, as the Maine winter fades to green. Inside, we'll experiment with ways and various forms to put such states into words. Is it in the clothes we wear? The way we talk? The songs we sing? Our demeanor as we stroll down the street? Mood? Be ready to look around.

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Maine Seaweeds--In Bay, Body, and Books

Saturday, May 31st
Ages: 8-14

What comes to mind when you come across piles of seaweed on the beach or hidden within a tide pool? Did you know that these plants contain an abundance of beneficial nutrients for our bodies and gardens, and that many chefs, poets, and painters have been inspired by these beautiful plants in their creative works of art? Maine is home to some of the world's most beautiful and versatile seaweeds, also known as “Macroalgae” or “Sea Vegetables”, and has a rich history of harvesting them that dates back to our indigenous roots and earliest settlers.

This workshop will be a fun day of beach combing, eating, storytelling, and writing about seaweed. Students will be encouraged to share their impressions by writing recipes, songs, stories (fiction or non), or short plays about their experience with these wondrous weeds. Participants will also be invited to share their creation at the FIRST Maine Seaweed Festival (www.seaweedfest) this summer. Please join us for this rare opportunity to mix science, stories, and snacks that will create waves of inspiration for future generations!

The workshop will be co-taught by educator, activist, advocate, and writer Hilary Krapf,and UMaine’s Cooperative Extension Agent Sarah Redmond, the first person to cultivate seaweed from seed in our local ocean waters in an effort to restore ecological balance and diversify our local fisheries.

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