Donor List

Many thanks to our 2015-2016 donors!


Every gift is important to us and we strive to keep accurate records. We apologize if we inadvertently omitted or misspelled any name, and please let us know so we may correct our error.

Corporate and Foundation Donors

Agnes M. Lindsay Trust

Ampersand Elements

Ananda Fund

Anchorpak Bag

Anderson Family Foundation


Ariana Fischer Interior Design

Ashley Halsey

Ayumi Horie Pottery

Bangor Savings Bank Foundation

Ben Donaldson Charitable Fund

Blue Rooster

Blueberry Pond Observatory

Boutique Little

Cabot Farmers' Annex

Carrot Signs

Central Provisions

Chebeague Island Inn

Christopher Hastings Confections

Clements Family Charitable Trust

Coffee by Design

Conway Charitable Trust

Davis Family Foundation

East Brown Cow Management, Inc.

Edward H. Daveis Benevolent Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Eng Family Charitable Trust

Eventide Oyster Co.

Flatbread Co.

Foodie Tours

Frances Hollis Brain Foundation

Frank M. Barnard Foundation

Frog Crossing Foundation, Inc.

Gather Restaurant

GBL Charitable Foundation

GE Foundation

Gregoíre Pearce Guitar

Harriet Ford Dickinson Foundation

Heinemann Publishing

HenryFest Community Music Festival

Heron Fund

HighTower Advisors

Hoffman Family Foundation

The Honey Paw


Hunt and Alpine Club

IBM Matching Grants

Infuse Wellness Clinic

J.M Huber Corporation

Jane B. Cook 1992 Charitable Trust

Jebediah Foundation

Jill McGowan Inc.

k. colette

Karen and William Burke Family Charitable Trust

Katharine Baker Charitable Trust

KerriAnn Designs

Key Bank Foundation

Kirby Family Foundation

Latkin Family Foundation

Law Offices of Joe Bornstein

Leonard C. and Mildred F. Ferguson Foundation

Lewis/Millspaugh Fund

Lisa-Marie's Made in Maine

Little Music Maker

Local 188

Louis and Anne Abrons Foundation, Inc.

Maine Arts Commission

Maine Center for Acupuncture

Maine Community Foundation

Maine Farm and Sea Cooperative

Maine Foodie Tours

Maine Media Collective


Margaret E. Burnham Charitable Trust

Might & Main

Mimi Foundation

Mira Ptacin

Miyake Restaurant

Molly Haley Multimedia

Moon and Tide

Morse Hill Trust

Morton-Kelly Charitable Trust

Moser Family Foundation

National Arts and Humanities Youth Program Awards

National Endowment for the Arts - Art Works

New England Outdoor Center

Noonday Collection

Old Bug Light Charitable Foundation

Otto Pizza


Pine State Trading Co.

Pink Eraser Editorial Services

Plum Aesthetics

Ponomo Jewelry

Portia Clark

Portland Dry Goods

Portland Food Co-op

QUILL Design

Quimby Family Foundation

R.M. Davis

ReVision Energy

Richard J. Simmons Trust

Rising Tide Brewery

Rotary Club

Roustabout Restaurant

Royal Rose Syrups

Sail Maine

Sam L. Cohen Foundation

Sherman Family Foundation

Shipyard Brewing Co.

Space Gallery

Spiral Journeys

Springboard Pilates

Stephanie Sersich

Street and Company

TD Charitable Nonprofit Training Resource Fund

The Bozena and Josef Zelenda Charitable Foundation, Inc.

The Emanuel & Pauline A. Lerner Foundation

The Fish and Bone

The Rona Jaffe Foundation

The State Theater

The William J. J. Gordon Family Foundation

Town & Shore Associates

Triple Jump Fitness

Tsunami Tattoo

Uncommon Paws



Virginia Wellington Cabot Foundation

Waldostone Farm

Wayfinder School

Welch Charitable Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Whitehead Foundation

White Pine Foundation

White Pine Holistic Medicine, Sally Haley, M.D.

Wind Point Foundation

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Individual Donors

Anonymous (5)

Mary Elizabeth Abeles 

Julia Adams 

Lauren Adey 

Charlotte Agell and Peter Simmons

Alex Agnew and Lisa Markushewski

Colby Albarkat 

Roger Amory and Laura Mazikowski

Gloria and George Aponte Clarke

James Babcock 

Abegail Baguio 

Brian Ballentine 

Thomas Balzano 

Sara Bancroft 

Kyo Bannai and Craig Schneider

Bland Banwell 

Martha Barry 

Becky Bartovics 

Edward Becker 

Lydia Bell 

Blanche Belliveau and David Lyall

Diane Bennekamper and Lorraine Martin

Marjorie Berman 

Aimee and Mark Bessire

Chris and Kelly Bicknell

Steven Biel and Emily Figdor

Emily Blaschke and Ken Blaschke

Joshua Bodwell and Tammy Ackerman

James and Nancy Bonacci

Mary Bonauto and Jennifer Wriggins

Greg Born 

Laetitia and William Bourke

Julia and Jim Brady

Katie Reeves and David Briman

Wendy and Pete Brockelman

Frank Brooks 

Suzette Brooks Masters 

Bruce Brown 

Norbert Brown 

Jane Brox 

Emily and Duncan Bruce

Megan and Jim Brunner

Doug and Carol Bruns

Elizabeth Buchsbaum 

Karen Burke 

Judith and Phil Bush

Patrick and Pat Butler

Bartley and Katherine Calder

Sarah Callnan 

Kathleen Carey 

Lisa Carey and Tim Spalding

Elvin Carr 

Emily and Gregg Carville

Bridget and Ellen Chase

Qingyang Chen 

Denyse Clancy 

Peter and Maureen Clancy

Jay Clark 

Lane and Brockway Clarke

Don Cohon 

Kris and Craig Coleman

Sheridan Collins 

Anna Conathan 

Erin Conley 

John and Jenna Conley

Mike and Thorne Conley

Susan Conley and Tony Kieffer

Eliza Cope-Nolan 

Chris Corbett and Manny Morgan

Sara Corbett and Mike Paterniti

Sarah Cotsen and Drew Watt

Steve Cox and Marlena Faxon

Peg Creighton 

Sara Crisp and Gregg Lipton

Eliot and Melanie Cutler

Heather Davis and Matthew Bush

Carol De Tine and Roger Woodman

Steven DeBenedictis 

Linda and Bill Deetjen

Rosie DeQuattro 

Solomon Descollonges Family 

Eric and Angela Dexter

Ritik Dholakia 

Sara Dickey and Pamelia S. Edgerton

Laura Dorsey 

Dale and Priscilla Doucette

Moira Driscoll and David Pence, Jr.

Rich and Susanna Dubois

Irene Eide 

Jan Emerson 

Jeanne Evans 

Rebecca and Jimmy Evarts

Marya Faust 

Gibson Fay-LeBlanc and Renee LeBlanc

Ashley Feng 

Catherine Field 

Catherine Fisher 

Dean and Janet Fisher

Lucy Flight 

Melanie Fonder 

Anne Fowler and Sam Allen

Heather Francis 

Karin and Sanjeev Francis

Wesley Gaddie 

Constance Galin 

Smith Galtney 

Karen Geraghty 

Dana Gold 

Abigail Greene Goldman 

E. Kent Gordon 

Shannon Gordon 

Mimo Gordon Riley and David P. Riley

Shazelle Goulet 

Priscilla Grant and G. Robinson Whitten

Mary Graves 

Janet Grinis and Roger Nadeau

Andrew Griswold and Marcie Parker Griswold

Charley Griswold and Betsy Bland

Oliver Griswold and Ellen Stern Griswold

Evan Griswold and Emily Fisher

Lauren Gros-Babbin 

Chuck and Linda Grossman

Kim and Jim Gustafson

Caitlin Gutheil and Douglas Welch

Diane Haas 

Cyrus and Patty Hagge

Eric and Elizabeth Handley

Andrea Hanson 

Anja Hanson and Derek Pierce

Tom Hanson and Beth Kubik

Kendall and Deanna Harnett

Amy and Jed Harris

Katie and Chip Harris

Barbara and Cory Hart

Linda and Ron Hatzenbuehler

Stephanie and John Hatzenbuehler

Stephen Hayes and Carol McCarthy

Thomas and Susan Healy

Lesley Heiser 

Alexandra Hellmuth 

Victoria Hendrickson 

Mary Herman and Angus King Jr.

Ryan Hews 

Jamie Hogan and Martin Braun

Amy Holland and David Galin

Matt Holloway 

Debra and Tim Honey

Patty and Eddie Howells

W.D and Christina Howells

Harriet Hubbard 

Abigail Huckel 

Jamie Isaacson and Kristen Isaacson-Lape

Judyta and Mariusz Jankowski

Rachel Jeffers 

Kristin Jhamb and Paul Burns

Philip Jones and Mary Baumgartner

Ben Judson 

Gay Judson 

Kimberly and Francis Kalicky

Erin Keogh 

Cathy Kidman 

Louise Kieffer 

Elizabeth and Mary Lou Kiley

Lily King and Tyler Clements

Joan Klagsbrun and Julian Miller

Jonas and Lois K. Klein

Katherine Klein 

David Kline 

Sable Knapp 

Marion Knox 

Harry Konkel 

Joan Kotz 

Rose Kue 

Celine and Chris Kuhn

Clayton and Megan Kyle

Bree LaCasse and Chris Moore

Kaitlin LaCasse 

Rebecca Lambert 

Carolyn and Mike Lane

Su and Dave Langdon

Jessica Lantos 

Nathaniel and Joyce Larrabee

Pamela Laskey 

Sarah Lathrop 

Sarah Laurence 

Stephanie Lemieux and Jon Meade

Renee Lewis and Chris Penny

Winky Lewis and Alex Millspaugh

Lowell and Melissa Libby

Juli Loker 

Jennifer Lunden 

Jane MacLeod 

Ian and Kate Malin

Barbara Mangini 

Lindsay and Susan Mann

Berry Manter 

Bethany and Sam Mateosian

Nat May 

Eldon and Betts Mayer

Ryan McAraw 

Kristin McCabe 

Jill McGowan and David Hembre

Molly and Toby McGrath

Alan McIlhenny, Jr. and Dr. Elizabeth M. Ackerson

David and Anne McLain

Meeghan McLain and Joel Antolini

Melissa McStay and Carlos Gomez

Kirsten McWilliams and Scott Whited

Greg and Maggie Meahl

Pierre and Liz Meahl

Spencer and Shea Melnick

Catherine Menyhart 

Cindy Mervis 

Gurdon Metz 

Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til

Seb and Peggy Milardo

Charlie Miller 

Peter Milliken 

Thomas and Rita Molloy

Dave Montgomery 

Moriah Moser and Daniel Morgenstern

Ian Mullet 

Jennifer Mumford 

Emmanuel Muya 

Stephan and Susan R. Myers

Vanessa Nesvig 

Raife Neuman 

Caroline Norden 

Jeff Norris and Laura Newman

Maryanne and Nick O'Hara

John O'Meara and Becky Dilworth

Philip Osgood 

Amy and Jim Parker

Nicholas Parker 

Dick and Marianne Paterniti

Nancy Payson 

Helen Pelletier 

Richard Peterson and Deb Rothenberg

Daniel and Sarah Pierce

Kent and Kristen Pierce

Scott and Janice Pierce

Suzi Piker 

Leticia Plate and Roy Germon

Mary Plouffe 

Robert Poole 

David Pratt 

Ann Quinlan 

Rebecca Raines 

Tom Rawding and Karen Lamb

Susanne Reder 

Frank and Paula Reilly

Christian Rhally 

Catherine Richards and Bob Olney

Sara Richardson 

Hilary Robbins 

Jesse Robinson 

Lewis and Caroline Robinson

Bill Roorbach 

Susannah Rosenfield 

Julie and Dan Rosenthal

Hayley Rumback 

Patty and Cliff Ruprecht

Jack Rusley 

Richard and Barb Russo

Greta Rybus 

Caroline Sample 

Ovid Santoro and Lori Traikos

Arline Saturdayborn and James Whelan

Gillian Schair and Seth D. Rigoletti

Ineke Schair 

Erica Schair-Cardona and Ivan Cardona

Tim Schneider 

Joanne Schorn 

Elizabeth Schuller 

Hannah Schuller 

Nick Schuller and Emily Whiston

Sandro Sechi and Erik Mercer

Dave Seddon 

Maryann and Warren Shaw

Diane Shea 

Claudia and Jeff Shedd

Adam Shepherd 

David and Beverly Sherman

David Sherman Jr. and Martha Burchenal

Danielle Silva 

Anne and Dick Simmons

Moira Simonds and Mark Nordenson

Donna Simonetti 

Rachel Simons and Don Medd

Jason Simpson 

Elizabeth Sky-McIlvain and John McIlvain

Jane Sloven 

Stacy Smith and Matt Arrants

Tina Smith 

Mary Snell 

Debra Spark and Garry Mitchell

Jim Sparks 

Julie and David Sparks

Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer

Yemaya and Lucas St.Clair

John Stiles 

Ayres and CC Stockly

Valerie and David Stone

Kathleen Sullivan and Robert Stevens

John and Dorothy Sutton

Sean and Jennifer Tabb

Lorraine and Christopher Taft

Wendy and Michael Taylor

Ann Teixeira 

Betsy and Steve Tesh

Jeff and Karen Thaler

Charlie Thaxton 

Yvonne and Jamie Thomas

Paige Todorich 

Leska Tomash 

Jessica Tomlinson and Henry Wolyniec

Dixie Townsend 

Ruth Townsend Story 

Annie Tselikis 

Mary and William Turner

Louise Tuski 

Linda Tyler 

Teresa Valliere 

Carmine Viola 

Alice and Geoff Wagg

Anton Wagner and Sarah Campbell

Martin Ward 

Karen Weiss 

Rhonda Weston 

David and Sandi Whiston

Noel and Jack White

Nicholas Whiteman 

Jean Whitney 

Kathleen and Todd Whitney

Katell Wildenberg and William Davisson

Betsy Wiley 

Margaret Wilson and Lloyd Van Lunen

Jared Wood 

Paul and Chris Woods

Sara Woolf and Jeff Grant

Therese Workman 

Max Young 

Anne Zill